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Includes the Following

Tips for Filling Out Terrific Ballots

Judge Orientation is part of our yearly tournament protocol to refresh the ins and outs of filling out ballots. Take your judging a step further and learn “Tips for Filling Out Terrific Ballots.” This video recording features both debate and speech committee experts who discuss how to make your feedback more impactful.

Successful Ways to Incorporate Speech and Debate into Your Classical Conversations Education

By cultivating persuasive speech, we can change opinions and educate others. Through artful debate, we can defend positions and expose errors. Good practice of these essential skills prepares us to go into the world ready to give a defense for the hope that is within us and to make God known.

In this webinar Timothy Knotts, a lead curriculum developer with Classical Conversations, explores the elements of speech and debate and how Stoa and Classical Conversations fit within these pursuits.

Speeches that Soar: From Topic Selection through Script Submission!

If you are wondering how to best support your students as they begin to write new speeches, this webinar covers how to choose a terrific topic, how ballots can help students write a soaring speech, and how to navigate script submission.

Perfecting Your Platform

Boost your competitive platform speech with tips, tricks, and techniques. Use your ballot to build an engaging speech and a dynamic delivery.


The Ins and Outs of Script Submission

Confused by script submission? This webinar explains the details of script submission from submission to review.

And so much more!

Side by Side Chats and Leaders Live chat are included in the collection as well.

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