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2021-2022 Parli Debate Rules

Welcome to another year of Parliamentary Debate! (knocks) Hear, hear! (knocks) As usual, there is tons of fun in store for you debaters.

Let's start by covering a few rule changes for Parliamentary Debate this year. Below are excerpts from the rules to give you context to the changes we would like to highlight.

  • Section IV.E: Competitors may prepare using whatever resources they have available during preparation time, including electronic devices, unless otherwise indicated by tournament leadership.

The added phrase, in italics at the end, gives tournament leadership the freedom to specify which resources the Parli competitors can use during the prep time.

  • Section V.C.7: Debaters may not display "props" to the judge at any point in the round. A "prop" is defined as an object that substitutes an oral communication with a visual depiction.

This added point prohibits the use of props.

Read the 2021–2022 Parliamentary Debate Rules and review all debate revisions for the 2021–2022 season in the Debate Rules Executive Summary.

Here are some additional reminders for the year:

  • There are no perfect Parli Resolutions.

  • Make sure you announce the resolution in your speech if you are Prime Minister.

  • Don’t be afraid to debate the side of the resolution you were given.

  • Find an argument you can use to support your side.

  • Speak in a natural manner (no debate-speak).

  • Enjoy yourself!

Parli debate is the closest thing to real-life discussions that we offer in Stoa. Take advantage of the practice you will find in Parli. You may need it in the future. Your Stoa Debate Committee Notice: Any articles published in the StoaByte from the Debate Committee are intended for general explanation, encouragement of ideas, and reasoning on a given topic. They are not intended to create debate rules or set parameters for your debate rounds. As always, consult with your coach and parent before running an argument in a debate round.


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