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Adjudication may sound like a scary word, but is it really? Adjudications help to establish a level playing field for all students.

Everyone can work to pre-empt adjudications:

  • Competitors: Know the rules of your events and discuss any questions with your coach.

  • Parents/Coaches: Review the rules with your students and double check scripts for compliance.

  • Tournament Directors: Implement electronic script submission to catch rule violations before the tournament.

Tournament Directors: What if an adjudication is necessary?

  • Have a plan prior to the tournament.

  • As you investigate, consult the rules for a better understanding of violations.

  • Remember this is a competition with the goal of educating students.

  • Pray and ask God to lead you in the process.

Competitors: What if you are the subject of an investigation or adjudication?

  • Do not panic! Tournament officials are there to help you.

  • Be humble and willing to learn from the experience.

While adjudication may sound scary, it really is a time of growth for everyone learning how to be better communicators for Christ.

If you need a better understanding of the rules or detailed information about setting up a speech adjudication policy, please email


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