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Connect Your Friends to Stoa

Struggling how to share what Stoa speech and debate is all about? Are your friends curious when you take off for yet another tournament? We have great resources explaining the benefits of Christian forensics and how to get involved. Reach out to your homeschooling friends and help homeschool students speak boldly and change the world for Christ! Share Stoa with your friends and join us in accomplishing our mission. It's as easy as ABC:

A. Advocate for Stoa! Tell your friends about Stoa! We have excellent promotional videos and great resources on our website.

  • Learn how to overcome your fear of public speaking: Yes, You Can!

  • Watch an encouraging video featuring Stoa parents and alumni and learn how Stoa functions: What is Stoa like?

  • Discover the benefits of speech and debate: Why You Should Join Stoa

  • Get an overview of Stoa’s highlights: Annual Report

  • Read our latest newsletters: StoaByte and Alumni Post

B. Build relationships! Stoa is all about community!

  • Invite your friends to visit your club and local tournaments to let them see firsthand what speech and debate is like.

  • Answer questions and support friends as they venture into this new experience.

  • Encourage your friends to contact Stoa directly. We are here to help! Contact Us

C. Connect with Stoa! Encourage your friends to become Stoa members.

  • Join Stoa: Register as a member

  • Find a local club: Club Registry

What are you waiting for? Introduce your homeschool community to Stoa Speech and Debate and change the world for Christ!

Angela Childress Stoa Executive Director


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