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Debating Bioethics

The most interesting debate topics are relevant ones. On the heels of COVID-19 and the vaccine, this year’s Lincoln Douglas Debate resolution deals with the tension between the need for scientific advancement and restraint. The debate is not about COVID, per se, or even about governmental action. Instead, the resolution will take us into deeply philosophic ground.

When researching the resolution, debaters come across people like Jennifer Doudna, He Jiankui (aka JK), and Victoria Gray. The research will guide the students to scientists who are blazing trails in a new horizon of advancement. They will learn about unethical and illegal efforts to push the boundaries. They will also learn about animal tests, animal-human hybrid experimentation, and gene editing in humans.

When researching the resolution, debaters have the potential to touch on sensitive issues. But the Debate Committee believes LD offers an excellent opportunity for students to debate the issues constructively, and subjects like abortion will not be a part of the debate. In researching, you will see conflation between natural selection and evolution.


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