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Four C's to a Successful Interp

Content is Key:

  • Choose quality literature! Look for stories that are worth telling.

  • Selections should be compelling, plot-based literature that appeals to a wide-ranging audience.

  • Be sure that your selection meets the Publication Guidelines. All sources must be published with a permanent ID number, except self-written Open Interpretations.

Consider the Categories:

  • It’s important that you read the event rules and ballots before you begin!

  • To understand the benefits of Interps, watch this tutorial video.

Cutting Interps:

  • Read the entire story.

  • Identify the main themes and conflict.

  • Complete a basic plot diagram.

  • Flag pages corresponding to that plot.

  • Keep only the scenes that develop your theme and advance your plot.

  • Need more tips on cutting a speech? Take a look at this helpful article from your Speech Committee.

Complete Script Submission:

  • Watch the Rapid Review & Approve tutorial for competitors.

  • Include a type-written script with added words underlined.

  • Also include a scanned, photocopied, or screenshot image of the original source with all the added words in the appropriate places.

  • If you submitted your script online, be sure to save the email that says your script has been approved. You may need to show this to the tournament staff after arriving at the tournament.

Your Stoa Speech Committee


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