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Growing Clubs - Building Stoa

Local clubs have always been the foundation of Stoa. Even before Stoa was founded in 2009, clubs were the established method used to develop the skills and character of our students. Our first ‘Stoa state’ was California and it was agreed that all club leaders would be united in starting Stoa.

Stoa began with 15-20 California clubs. Club leaders, with a unified vision for Stoa, reached out by phone and homeschool conventions to grow clubs beyond the California borders. Mary Winther recalls that in one year, she helped start 4-5 clubs through multiple phone conversations filled with encouragement and guidance. Growth enabled everyone to enjoy widespread and varied competition at tournaments.

In 2023, we will enjoy the blessing of our Stoa club foundation. Initiated from the dedication of a few Stoa members, we are now spread throughout 33 states and growing. Clubs are the heart of Stoa.

Stoa Fact: Our oldest Stoa club is Clash, originally led by Nate & Charlotte Rehn and John & Annie Rose. Clash continues as a Stoa club today.


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