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Stoa is growing!

Stoa is growing across the nation with each of you leading the charge to engage with your community, state, and across state lines. Since the 2021-2022 season, we have grown our Stoa presence from 30 states to 34 states. The number of families has increased by 22.8% and students by 23.1%. We now have over 2100 students competing in Stoa! Praise God for this opportunity to build godly character, as well as speaking and critical thinking skills, into more young people across the nation!

Homeschool Convention Update!

Our dedicated volunteers are reaching out to homeschool families across the nation and pointing out the benefits of Stoa. Leslie and Daniel Snyder recently hosted a booth across their state border in South Carolina. Leslie exuberantly commented, “It was a wonderful event! We heard that Andrew Pudewa was really talking up Stoa and he even had slides in his presentation that highlighted our organization! After every one of his talks, we would have a surge of folks coming to our table to learn more and to sign up to receive follow-up information.” In Kansas, Janine Wilkins delighted in a favorable response and shares, “About 20 homeschooling parents attended our workshop entitled Speech and Debate: Just the Pizzazz You Might Be Looking For. Four families showed up at our next club meeting.”

How exciting to see information about Stoa spread across the nation! Thanks to all who contribute to our growth by way of conventions, information meetings, workshops, and other methods. You are all making a difference, so together we can build up the next generation and change the world for Christ!

Stoa Fun Fact: The first known homeschool convention with a Stoa booth was held in Pasadena, California at the 2009 CHEA convention. The booth was hosted by Phyllis Boles, Mary York, and Scott York.


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