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Interps: Is Literature Better?

Is literature better for interps? Purchased scripts are easier and faster, but the treasure of literature, albeit harder and slower, is well worth the effort. According to Oxford Languages, literature is “written works, especially those considered of superior or lasting artistic merit.”

Some benefits of literature include:

Better competitive options

  • Multiple scene selections build a wider variety for story arc possibilities.

  • In-depth characterization leads to realistic body posture, mannerisms, and personality traits.

  • Setting details provide stronger blocking ideas.

  • Motives for character actions inspire vocal variety.

Stands the test of time

  • Appeals to a broader audience and judge pool

  • Includes timeless and relatable themes

Allows for more educational and personal growth

  • Students improve their skills as they portray characters and themes with depth.

  • Students engage in a range of emotional opportunities.

  • Students gain an empathetic understanding of various perspectives, attitudes, and emotions.

  • Students develop college prep skills as they interact with the complexity of literature.

Using literature brings real depth to interp selections. Check out the recent webinar on Crafting and Cutting an Interp in the Stoa Visual Library for more literature-based ideas.


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