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July 2024

Stoa Academy Adapts to the Changing Needs of Stoa Families

Stoa Family Academy was originally known as Coaches Academy and was part of the first NITOC in 2010. It was well received due to our commitment to Pillar #6, We equip and support Christian coaches. The Board recognized its potential and decided to further develop the idea.

The first “stand alone” Stoa Academy took place in Dallas, Texas, in July 2015 with expanded class options. The Board also presented the year's highlights and the vision forward. The theme "Speaking Boldly. Changing the World for Christ" was introduced and enthusiastically adopted by our members. Stoa Academy has since expanded, changing locations every year and offering a wider variety of classes.

In 2023, we introduced a new element – students. Now, Stoa Family Academy offers both parent and student tracks to provide learning opportunities from experienced instructors nationwide. Additionally, our new digital pass allows continuous learning throughout the year.

Joining Stoa Family Academy this year is easier than ever and you can learn together as a club! Learn more at:

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