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June 2024

Grassroots Servant Leadership: The Who, What, How of Stoa

The Board brainstormed the Stoa Yearbook during the summer of 2022 as a way to unite the Stoa community and raise funds for additional projects. The Stoa Executive Director put this vision into action by recruiting a senior editor and a team of volunteers. While some team members had experience with yearbook production, the scale of this cross-state project posed a new challenge. By NITOC 2023, the team was actively gathering photos during the production planning stage. What a delight that God orchestrated our 2023-2024 Stoa theme, beginning at Stoa Family Academy, to be Better Together! The theme perfectly aligned with the original vision for community and connectedness through the yearbook production.

Clubs: The yearbook season begins by asking club leaders to provide photos of their clubs with individual identification. These photos are uploaded to their respective TreeRing club folder for use in the yearbook.

Tournaments: Tournament Directors play a crucial role in collecting photographs by displaying a link to their tournament TreeRing folder. This crowdsources photos of competitors and candids of tournament action. The Yearbook Team works to include every tournament. 

Book Design: Book design begins the first semester with the basic layout for the book. The second semester we focus on choosing photos and colors and we work on organization and design. We hope you have the chance to see the finished product from this year! 

If you would still like to order a 2023-2024 Stoa Yearbook, contact the Yearbook Team.

Yearbook Team: The Yearbook Team is made up of parents from across the country. Team tasks include engaging club leaders and tournament directors, and developing the yearbook design.

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