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LD Reading List

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

This list is intended to help students get a start in their studies of Philosophy. Not all the authors below are Christian or write from a Judeo-Christian Perspective. Like all books we hand to our children it would be wise to be familiar with the writings of these authors so we can properly discuss ideas that are contrary to our values and beliefs.

Introduction to Philosophy

Taylor Cyr, Why (and How) Christians Should Study Philosophy

Milton D. Hunnex, Chronological and Thematic Charts of Philosophies and Philosophers

RC Sproul, The Consequences of Ideas

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Ben Griffith, Philosophy Debate

Mark Myers, Mastering the Fundamentals of Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Resources for Current 2022-2023 Resolution

Charles Colson, Justice that Restores

Ben Shapiro, Criminal Justice Reform Debunked

CS Lewis, God in the Dock

CS Lewis, The Humanitarian Theory of Punishment

Project Return

Dutch Research Council

Works of Philosophers

Mortimer Adler, Aristotle for Everybody: Difficult Thought Made Easy

Mortimer Alder, Six Great Ideas

Mortimer Adler, Ten Philosophical Mistakes

Thomas Hobbs, Leviathan

Immanuel Kant, Foundation of the Metaphysics or Morals

John Locke, 2nd Treatise on Government

John Stuart Mill, Utilitarianism

John Stuart Mill, On Liberty

John Stuart Mill, The Collected Works of John Stuart Mill, Volume VII - A System of Logic Part I

John Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract

Christian Worldview

Wayne Grudem, Politics

Wayne Grudem, Christian Ethics

Jeff Meyers and David Noebel, Understanding the Times

Early American Documents

Federalist Papers

Anti-Federalist Papers


Albert Mohler, “The Briefing”


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