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Let's Talk Plagiarism!

Would it surprise you to know that several studies have been conducted to see just how well college and university students understand plagiarism? The results were astounding! Most of the students knew using the words someone else wrote was plagiarism but they did not know using someone else’s ideas was also plagiarism.

No one wants to break the rules. So, with the ideas of excellence in speaking and excellence in character, the speech committee has published a new Stoa Plagiarism Policy to help you better understand the importance of this subject and how it can be avoided. For more information on the studies, check out the article on plagiarism at Taylor & Francis, We want to make sure we are giving credit where credit is due!

In addition, please remember to review our Speech Publication Guidelines and the Platform Speech Citation Tips.

All of these documents can be found under the Submission Forms tab of the Speech Documents page. Prepare well and uphold excellence in the art of public speaking!

Your Stoa Speech Committee


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