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Mars Hill Impromptu

Would you like a movie night with your family over the holidays? Do you want to listen to an interesting podcast while wrapping Christmas presents or read a good book by the fireplace? We have suggestions for you! Check out the Mars Hill Topic list for some great options!

A question the Speech Committee gets asked is “What makes a good Mars Hill speech?” Here are some tips for you:

  • Credible Speaker: Are you accurately describing and representing the topic for the judges? Can you provide background or historical context? Are you using any additional sources to add to your ethos?

  • Common Theme: What themes or problems are represented in the piece that are universal to mankind?

  • Relevance: Where is this happening in our culture (e.g. news, society, etc.)?

  • Christian Truths: How does the piece address the theme(s), and how does Christianity provide a better answer?

  • Impact: Why is this important to our society and culture?

Mars Hill is a fun event for older students to connect culture and their faith while discussing the world around them. Because of mature themes, content, and language in some of the Mars Hill topics, the minimum age recommendation for the event is 14 years old.


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