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Maximizing NITOC Success

Use these tips to maximize your NITOC success:

  • Avoid Being Adjudicated: These simple steps will help you stay above reproach.

  1. Know the rules.

  2. Have another set of eyes double-check your evidence.

  3. Consider printing the original source for evidence cited in the round for context, if practical.

  • Network: Reaching out to other students to trade material and gain intel about other regions’ strategies is vital to success!

  • Hone your Theory: Theory arguments allow you to tilt the playing field in your favor. Prepare in advance and drill theory blocks so they come off smoothly in a round.

  • Prioritize Sleep: You’re only as good as your brain, so make sure you’re well-rested at NITOC.

  • Polish Your Speeches: Start and end each speech on a high note by drafting introductions and conclusions.

  • Use Impact Calculus: Tell your judges why your arguments are more important than your opponent’s arguments.

  • Adjudicate Only When Necessary: If you encounter a minor violation in a round, make it an argument and voting issue, impacting it for the judge. Only issues like evidence fraud and manipulation justify an adjudication.

Happy debating! Your Debate Committee


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