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Meet Our Student Prayer Leaders

Praying boldly isn’t just for adults. We think an emboldened prayer life is integral for our students as they are confronted by the world. Our Stoa students pray for each other, their families, and the many Stoa tournaments going on throughout the US. Two of our amazing Stoa alumni moderate their prayer times each week. Meet Samuel and Elizabeth!

Samuel Durand: Hello! I competed in Stoa from 2012 to 2020. Last spring I graduated from Longy School of Music with a degree in Piano Performance. Currently, I am operating as a composer, piano teacher, and unofficial (but very pro) handyman while applying to schools for masters’ degrees where I hope to study film scoring.

Elizabeth Stapleton: I had the opportunity to compete in both speech and debate through Stoa from 2011-2016. After graduating, I pursued a degree in mechanical engineering and mathematics, and I have since enjoyed working as a robotics and automation engineer for the past several years. I have recently transitioned back to my hometown in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and am thankful for the chance to reconnect with current Stoa students through our prayer sessions. What a gift it is to celebrate our blessings together, and share in advocating for one another before our Father!


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