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NITOC 2023 A Visit to Concordia

In September, we had a wonderful site visit to our NITOC 2023 location, Concordia University in beautiful Irvine, California. We were so blessed by the spirit of servant hospitality shown by everyone we met, from the president of the university to the staff in the cafeteria and everyone in between. They are so excited to be hosting NITOC 2023 and made us feel so welcome. We enjoyed two days of encouraging meetings, and all the plans are coming together well. The perfect weather and gentle tranquility of the campus also blessed us as we scouted the campus for just the right rooms for all of your speech and debate events. It is our pleasure to serve as your directors and we can’t wait to share NITOC 2023 with all of you next May.

Your Tournament Directors,

Sharon Nagatani and Mary Winther


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