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NITOC 2023 Update

Plans for NITOC 2023 at Concordia University in Irvine, California are progressing well. Here are the details you want to note:

On-Campus Housing and Hotel Options

Registered Stoa members will receive an email in early March with details about how to register for the lottery system that will be used to determine dorm housing. Since the number of dorm units is limited, we cannot guarantee everyone will get on-campus housing. We recommend you make alternative arrangements in case you do not get a dorm room. In addition to researching Airbnbs, you may want to check out the hotel options on the NITOC 2023 website:

Judge Registration

Also, Judge Registration for NITOC 2023 is now open! You can register yourself as a judge as well as invite friends and family members in the Irvine area to sign up to be community judges. Thank you!

NITOC Invitations

The first round of NITOC Invitations will be sent on April 14, with the final invitations sent on May 1.

NITOC Registration

In order to compete at NITOC, you must register. Registration opens on April 24 and closes on May 3.

Your NITOC 2023 Tournament Directors,

Sharon Nagatani

Mary Winther


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