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NITOC Moves Eastward, Part 2

Many favorite Stoa innovations have been rolled out at each National Invitational Tournament of Champions. Whether it is training for our leaders at NITOC 2011, our first Vendor Fair at NITOC 2012, StoaTraX used for the first time at NITOC 2017, 10-year commemorative coins during NITOC 2019, or our first Silent Auction at NITOC 2022, Stoa’s NITOC is a symbol of collaborative ideas and community. Innovation and opportunities seem to spring forth at every NITOC! Friendships are deepened and new ones are developed as speaking skills and character grow. We praise God for the gift that NITOC is to our Stoa community and we praise Him for raising up servant leaders who continue to devote their time and resources to make it happen! Pray with us that God will bless NITOC 2023 with amazing memories for us all to cherish and enjoy. We believe the best is yet to come!

Stoa Fun Fact: Did you know that Stoa claimed a NEW Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s longest Selfie Relay Chain at NITOC 2015? What adventures we have together at NITOC!


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