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Passing the Baton

As we conclude another wonderful season and begin to plan the next, now is the time to consider a succession plan and mentoring within your club. For our clubs to survive and thrive, we all need to continually invest in developing club teachers, coaches, and leaders. Investment in newer parents and alumni can encourage and connect a club in so many ways. It brings renewal to those who have previously served and enables them to pass on what they have learned. It encourages newer club members who feel they are ready to give more and contribute to the club's success and growth. It allows experienced club members to take on new roles where there is a need. New talent adds energy to a club's dynamics and brings about new ideas, too!

Think of who you can mentor in a role you already know and who can mentor you in something new! And don't just limit this to your club—do the same for your tournament, too! The more people we have trained in various Stoa areas, the greater flexibility we have to help and support each other. Now is the time for building up your leadership team!


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