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Perfecting Your Platform

Are you taking a Platform speech to NITOC or working on a second checkmark for NITOC qualification? Your Speech Committee has some tips to help you out.

  • Video your speech. First listen without watching it. Are there places you are stumbling? Are you pausing too much or slurring words together? Next watch your speech without sound. Are your movements repetitive, stilted, or natural?

  • Rekindle your interest in your speech. Listen to a podcast or read a book about your topic to recharge your enthusiasm.

  • Go through your ballots and look for repeated suggestions and make some changes.

  • Don’t forget to include rhetorical devices in your speech. Check out the "Perfecting Your Platform" webinar for ideas and examples.

Now is the time to be editing your speech for NITOC. Script submission begins at the end of April. Remember, you must give the exact speech at NITOC that you turn in for Script Submission. Start your rewrites now! As always, reach out to us at with any questions.


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