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Sara Nimori

Meet Sara Nimori, who competed with and coached for Paradigm in San Diego, CA. She received her BA in Communications, served as student body president, and is currently pursuing her MBA in Business Management at DePaul University in Chicago. Sara currently works with Pursue Scholars, a non-profit investing in high schoolers with leadership potential entering college.

Sara recalls, “I ended up doing my undergrad degree in Communications because I was interested in exploring the intersection of media messaging and culture, and any career clarity during my college years came through my extracurricular activities. In my first year of coaching Paradigm, I realized how much I loved teaching. Through my position as student body president, I realized my passion for student leadership development, as well as the reality of how few resources are available for emerging female leaders, especially women of color.” She encourages you to “Use your knowledge and experience with public speaking to empower the leaders, co-workers, family members, and students around you!”

Sara has some big plans for her future—especially in April! Click here to find out what they are!


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