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Speech Resolutions for 2022

Students, parents, and coaches! Let’s kick off the new year right with these resolutions for a successful competitive season.


  • Stick to the Script: Per Stoa rules, all interp and platform speeches “must be memorized and delivered as written in the script.” Your script must contain the actual words that you will deliver in your speech, and you may not add or omit any content when presenting your speech during competition. Start memorizing early and practice often.

  • Avoid Speech Overtime Penalties: How long is the perfect speech? For example, should an Extemp speech be 7 minutes and 14 seconds? No. The perfect Extemp speech should be 7 minutes or less. In all speech events, those 14 seconds of grace belong to the judge, not the speaker. Competitors, it is your job to end your speech on time. Do not ask the judges to alter your recorded time. Keep your eye on the clock.

Parents & Coaches

  • Attend a Stoa Judge Orientation: I have been judging for years. I already know how to judge. So why should I go to Judge Orientation?” Attending a Stoa Judge Orientation every competitive year is very important. We all forget things over time; an annual refresher keeps everyone on the same page regarding new events and other changes. Don’t skip JO. It’s kind of a big deal.

Your Speech Committee


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