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Thaddeus Tague

Thaddeus jumped straight into Stoa during high school when one of his friends started to debate. Thaddeus is personal, raw, and vulnerable when he shares, "Debate became my addiction in high school and even in college. Debate capitalized on my affinity to lie well." After graduating from Stoa in 2013, he attended Patrick Henry [College] and Liberty University, earning a BS in Government with an emphasis on Public Administration. After college, Thaddeus worked in political consulting, something he had always wanted to do and loved it. But he shared, "it was extremely unhealthy for me [and] in many ways, it ruined me." He changed careers and now works with his family in the insurance business. "God has a way of redirecting us sometimes," Thaddeus reflects. He leaves us with this encouragement, "I am being refined heavily by my Father in heaven. I am ready to live life authentically." Learn about Thaddeus' commitment to authenticity in Alumni Post.


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