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The Fifth Foundational Pillar

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Pillar Five: We have limited central government and maximum local control.

Stoa was established on the model of our nation’s founding fathers with a commitment to limited central government and maximum local control. Stoa trusts local leaders to know how best to serve their local communities in administering their local clubs and tournaments within the parameters of our national minimum tournament standards. Our Stoa national leadership provides tools and resources to support local leaders. We provide training through Stoa Academy, as well as webinars, Stoa visual library, Club in a Box, and Tournament in a Box. We establish rules, ballots, and standards to keep consistency throughout Stoa. We provide mentoring and support for new club leaders and tournament directors. Everyone within the Stoa membership makes up the Stoa team!

Throughout NITOC 2022, you have seen our first World of Stoa booth, as well as our Committee Connection, so that we can gather, meet, listen, and explore ideas together. Learning from one another enables all of us to provide more for our Stoa students. As we collaborate and support each other, we unite our Stoa community. We gain respect and appreciation for our various levels of experience, our backgrounds, and how we contribute to the world of Stoa across 30 states. One of the beautiful qualities of Stoa is our sense of community. Our Stoa community thrives and develops through our unique model of limited central government and maximum local control.

The balance of local control with limited central governance is one of the core foundational pillars that make Stoa unique. Just as our nation often struggles to balance federal and state government responsibilities, we recognize that this model is not without challenges. It is not easy to wrestle through defining the boundaries of local control and central governance, however, it enables us to grow in our trust of God and our trust in one another within our unique Stoa communities and across our Stoa nation. This model has worked for over 200 years within these United States of America. It is a God-given model that has led America to be recognized throughout the world as a beacon of hope and freedom We see Stoa as that beacon of hope for our Christian homeschool families.

Just as you may pray for our nation regularly, I would encourage each person here to pray for our Stoa family across the nation - while we are here at NITOC but also throughout the year. May God bless America and may God bless Stoa for His glory!

starts at 17:17 in the video. This is on FB videos:


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