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Tournament Planning

Now's the time to plan what tournaments you want your students to attend! And, it's time to advertise your own local tournament!

Our Stoa calendar is a comprehensive guide to all Stoa tournaments and is the "go-to" place for your planning. If you are planning on hosting a tournament, be sure to go to our website and complete the Minimum Tournament Standards checklist. Please READ through the checklist standards and if you agree that your tournament will uphold these, then sign off and submit. You will be approved for posting to our Stoa tournament calendar within 1-2 weeks.

Two additions to our 2019-2020 standards checklist that should be noted:

1) We request that your tournament registration website acknowledges any variation from our published Stoa Script Submission process. Script Submission is under local control. However, we desire that those registering for each local tournament know what may differ from our NITOC process. NITOC does require script review to ensure that all script submission checklist requirements have been successfully met before competing.

2) We added a reminder that if you choose to use our Stoa insurance for your tournament, all families competing must be Stoa members. This can be confirmed through your Flowpad registration.

We hope you are already planning to host your own local tournament, as well as participate in a wide variety of great tournaments across the nation! There are so many options to choose from on our Stoa calendar! Enjoy selecting what works best for you!


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