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Why Extemp?

Stoa has a powerful motto: “Speaking Boldly. Changing the World for Christ.” To change the world for Christ through bold speech, Christians need to understand the world in which they live and be prepared to articulately address current issues in light of a biblical worldview. Extemporaneous Speaking (Extemp) engages competitors directly with current events in our nation and around the world.

Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” Extemp competitors learn to discuss the principles and ideas behind events and not just the events themselves or the people involved. Competitors demonstrate critical thinking, analysis, and application of principles during their Extemp speeches. This brings great hope for the future of our society and the kingdom of God. Extemp competition is also excellent for debaters—broadening their knowledge base while strengthening their analytical and argumentation skills. We encourage Stoa competitors to participate in Extemp to help prepare them to change the world for Christ!

Extemp Resources for Tournament Staff

Extemp poses unique challenges for tournament staff. Writing effective questions is challenging, and running an efficient prep room requires knowledge and attention to detail. The Speech Committee has produced documents to help tournament staff fulfill these responsibilities with excellence. Extemp Resources can be found under Tournament Documents on the Stoa website and include:

All Extemp room staff should be familiar with the event rules and carefully review all Speech Documents related to Extemp:

A set of well-crafted questions and a well-organized prep room will give Extemp competitors a valuable experience.


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