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Stoa offers a variety of sponsor benefits that you can choose from as you support Stoa in our mission of ‘Speaking Boldly. Changing the World for Christ.’ Each provides a unique opportunity to connect with our students, parents, and friends through social media, publications, or our website.

Sponsors support our organization and families. Varying levels of sponsorship are available:

Sponsor Benefits Graphic_edited.jpg

Sponsor selected video interview or promo video on Stoa’s website – The sponsor's selection of video to promote their University or business linked to the Stoa website

Sponsor profile piece in one monthly StoaByte – Written article about the sponsor's University or organization included in one of Stoa's monthly newsletters sent to all members

Photo/paragraph from Stoa Alumnus endorsing the sponsor University or organization – The sponsor's written paragraph of endorsement from a Stoa alumnus familiar with the sponsor's University or organization included on Stoa's website. This paragraph/photo is provided to Stoa by the sponsor.

Sponsor promo video on Stoa YouTube – The sponsor's selection of video to promote their University or business posted on the Stoa YouTube channel.

Additional advertising opportunities on social media, YouTube, website, e-blasts (6 times per year) – Customized support for new programs – dual credit, special discount, new webinar, etc.

Maximum Attention! – In-person Vendor Booth (with 6’ table, 2 chairs, participation in Stoa's giveaway drawings and announcements, logo posted on Stoa's registration website and clickable logo on website, the logo included in the Stoa Annual Report) and Virtual Vendor Fair (with clickable logo on the website.

NITOC Scholarship provider – Provide unlimited traditional, blanket, or special scholarships to Stoa's outstanding NITOC 2024 students. The sponsor provides the certificates and Stoa provides advertising for the sponsor from the NITOC stage, screen, website, and program. 

Virtual or In-person Workshop with Stoa promotion – This may be scheduled as virtual throughout the year or as in-person at Stoa Academy (if available).

NITOC Event Sponsor (Sponsor's choice of those available) – The sponsor will be recognized on Stoa's NITOC website and in the NITOC program, as well as during the NITOC Awards ceremony as the event sponsor. One sponsor per event type – on a first come, first served basis.

Coordination and communication with local tournament directors – The sponsor may select three posted Stoa tournaments they would like to be connected with and provide scholarships for various competition winners. The Executive Director or appointed Stoa member will contact the local tournament director to offer this opportunity and connect them with the requesting sponsor. The local tournament director would decide if they want to include scholarships at their tournament and/or other benefits to the sponsor. Once connection has been made, it is the responsibility of the tournament director and sponsor to coordinate any agreed-upon scholarship(s) or other benefits.

These postings are planned to continue for 12 months from the date of your application acceptance. Postings/removals of videos and documents are at Stoa’s discretion.

Our goal is to advance the next generation as graduates who are “Speaking Boldly. Changing the World for Christ.” Will you partner with us to support these fine students and families?

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