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Union University Dual Enrollment

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Micah McGee Testimonial

“Stoa and Union University have both challenged me to think critically about what I believe and to value communicating my biblical worldview to others. The time I spent in Stoa equipped me with foundational skills such as research and analysis, which prepared me for the academically rigorous nature of studying at Union. Now, I am thankful to see how the skills I gained through forensic competition are further advanced at Union, and how I am being prepared to apply those skills in my professional career.”

To find out more about Union University, visit our Website, or call 1.800.33.UNION.  We would love for you to come visit campus as well.  You can register your visit Here.


Dual Enrollment

Greetings from Union University!

My name is Robbie Graves, and I serve as the Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Admissions and Dual Enrollment Coordinator at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. I am excited to announce that Union will be offering at least 4 fully online dual enrollment classes this spring (2023). Check our website for updated course listings. These courses include:

  • New Testament Survey

  • Written Composition I

  • Elementary Nutrition

  • Medical Terminology

The Union University dual enrollment tuition rate will be $245 per credit hour – tremendous savings from the traditional undergraduate published rates.

I would be honored to discuss dual enrollment options at Union University with you. You may call me on my office phone at 731-661-5590 or e-mail me at For a complete listing of the program requirements and a link to the Union University application for admission visit the Union University Dual Enrollment website.

Union University is committed to its mission of providing Christ-centered education that promotes excellence and character development in service to Church and society.


Robbie Graves

Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Admissions

Union University

Office: 731.661.5590

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