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Tournament Posting Instructions & Requirements

​Tournaments meeting the Stoa Minimum Tournament Standards (accessible below) may be posted to the Stoa Calendar and to Speechranks. Participation may help students earn an invitation to NITOC. Tournaments will need to be completed by May 1st with result uploaded to Speechranks immediately thereafter in order to be considered for NITOC.

If this is your first time hosting a Stoa tournament, we would love to provide help and encouragement. Please contact the Training & Development Committee.

If you are hosting with a new approach and would like a Stoa Board member’s input, please email us. We would love to provide direction and encouragement. Please contact the Stoa Board.

To post your tournament on the Stoa Tournament Calendar, please read the Stoa Minimum Tournament Standards and then complete the Stoa Tournament Posting Application. Please be aware, processing to be placed on the calendar may take up to two weeks.

Recommended Stoa Student Protection Guidelines

Click here to view the Recommended Stoa Student Protection Guidelines.

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