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2023-2024 Team Policy Resolution

The Team Policy resolution for 2023–2024 is Resolved: The United States Federal Government should substantially reform its energy policy. Energy is a timely topic and one that raises a myriad of interesting questions and discussion points! Here are some areas to think about as you begin researching this fascinating subject.

  • Defining Energy. What is energy policy? How do we know if something is energy policy vs. environmental or transportation policy? Can one policy fall under multiple categories? For example, is the gas tax energy policy, tax policy, transportation policy, or a little of all three? Starting the season thinking through definitions and creating a clear bright line for the resolution will help you tackle topicality at those first tournaments.

  • Energy Sources. The United States’ current infrastructure relies on energy from many different sources: oil, coal, solar, wind, nuclear, and more. What forms of energy are most common? How much energy is sourced domestically vs. internationally? Which types of energy cost the most, and the least? What are the pros and cons of using each energy source? Are some energy sources better for some uses over others (i.e. electricity for homes vs. transportation)? We expect to see cases that tackle all kinds of energy sources with different approaches! Becoming familiar with the big picture will help you discuss these issues effectively in rounds.

  • Energy Regulations. Countless laws exist that regulate energy production, use, and transportation. Some of these laws exist on the federal level, but others are enforced on a state level, with standards varying from state to state. What regulations exist for each type of energy? How has the market and technology changed since these regulations were put into place? Which regulations are effective, and which ones need to be updated/removed? Knowing the history of energy regulation and its successes and failures will better prepare you to write and defend your case to reform energy policy!

Happy researching,

Your Debate Committee


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