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On Resolution Two

A new resolution is now being debated. Here are some tips to make the case-writing process more effective:

  • Analyze This resolution pits two terminal values which are termed value objects. You’ll need to move from the purely philosophical to the inherently understandable.  Think about when those values are in conflict; start there.

  • Value Check out Milton Rokeach’s list of terminal and instrumental values to help you get started:

  • Limit  How can your value be measured, limited or achieved? Paired together, the value-criterion structure will make the rest of the work easier.

  • Reality History is the LDer’s best friend. Someone at some time in history applied your value to this situation. Find those historical examples and use them.

  • Clarity LD relies on philosophic ideas: social contract, Maslow’s hierarchy, theonomy, or the harm principle. Consider using analogies or metaphors to make complex ideas understandable. 

We wish you all well in the great mission of making Value Debate great in Stoa.

Debate Committee


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