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Purposeful, Powerful Parli!

Purposeful Powerful Parli

Parliamentary debate (aka Parli) is an activity in which teams of two students debate one another in an extemporaneous form of debate. This form of debate asks competitors to develop and defend positions on a wide range of issues that could be fact, value, policy, or scenario in nature. Parli relies on quick thinking and general knowledge of a broad range of subjects. These are a few reasons Parli is recommended for older, more experienced debaters.

Here are a few Parli Points:

  • Parli pits Lincoln Douglas debaters against Team Policy debaters

  • Parli produces debaters who consider values and policies together

  • Parli encourages the use of previous knowledge instead of specific evidentiary support

  • Parli offers opportunities to practice real-life debate skills

  • Parli tackles current difficult topics and questions

  • Parli promotes on-the-spot thinking

  • Parli helps you talk like a normal person (i.e., no debate-speak)

Parli debate is the closest thing to real-life discussions we offer in Stoa. Take advantage of the practice in Parli. You may need it in the future. (knocks) Hear, hear! (knocks) Happy Parli! Your Stoa Debate Committee


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