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2024 NITOC Reminders for Speech

NITOC is around the corner! Here are some things to remember to do before getting on the road.

Script Reminders:

NITOC Scripts are due by 11:59 p.m. on May 8.

  • Competitors may not resubmit a previously approved script after May 8. In other words, rewriting and submitting your speech after the May 8 deadline will not be allowed, as this gives a competitive advantage.

  • The approved script MUST be the script that is delivered. Some students may require more memorization and practice.

  • Students may not ad-lib in the approved speech. Competitors may only speak the words in the approved script.

Limited Prep Reminders:

Make sure you use the right-sized notecard for the event.

If a competitor uses someone else’s computer in Extemp, they must submit written permission to the Extemp Proctor.

Remember to label the extension cords for the Extemp Room and all your Limited Prep items.

IBox Reminders:

You must have a lid.

Measure your box (with the lid on) to ensure it meets the IBox requirements.

Reread the rules for your events.

Remember your speech time limits to avoid penalties.

Find additional information and discussion at this recent script submission webinar.


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