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Mastering Mars Hill

Mars Hill is a favorite event because of its cultural relevance; however, giving a good speech can be a challenge. The steps below will help you cover the important issues within your topic:

  • Summarize topic and content: Familiarize the audience with the topic by providing context and a sufficient description.

  • Link universal themes to cultural viewpoints: A universal theme is an idea, attitude, or longing relatable to a wide range of people. Examples of universal themes include justice, power, love, and belonging. Explain how your topic addresses the universal themes.

  • Contrast cultural viewpoints with Biblical truth: Compare the cultural worldviews in the topic with the Word. Discuss how they agree and/or disagree with Scripture.

  • Communicate why themes matter: Communicate why the universal themes are important to the common man and where we see them within our culture.

  • Explain why the Bible has a better answer: Give your listener a better way to handle cultural issues by presenting truth from the Word of God.

Look for the “Maximize Mars Hill Webinar” on the Stoa Visual Library.

Your Stoa Speech Committee


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