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Building Into Our Stoa Vision - 2020 and Beyond!

As we enter into a new year, we love to think back over fond memories, as well as look forward to even greater days ahead. Many of you were a part of our ten-year NITOC celebration last May at Dallas Baptist University. During that time, we reflected on Stoa's rich history and God's blessing upon us. As we launch into 2020 and begin our next decade, the Stoa Board and I are excited about what lies ahead! We continue to be fully committed to our mission of “Training homeschool students to speak boldly and change the world for Christ.” We continue to focus on our Stoa core values:

1. We are committed to following established process and structure.

2. We are organized and communicate effectively.

3. We promote a transparent culture of servant hearts.

4. We communicate a clear vision and mission.

5. We promote integrity and honesty in every situation.

6. We recognize competitive excellence.

At the heart of our 2020 strategy is a desire to invest in our volunteers in order to grow Stoa across the nation over the next ten years. To better serve you, our Stoa families, and grow Stoa nationally, we have created several new committees dedicated to our overall mission. Each month, the StoaByte will highlight one of our committees so you can know more about who they are, what they do, and how you can be involved. We believe our committees aid us in supporting core values 1, 2, & 3.

Part of our growth initiative is to better serve you with member benefits. You have already seen the launches of Tournament in a Box and Club in a Box to provide tools for new, as well as established, tournaments and clubs. We are thrilled to now introduce our Staples Discount Program for our Stoa members as another aid to minimize costs for tournaments and families (more details below). These benefits are just the beginning of ways we plan to invest in YOU, our members.

More exciting information is coming your way throughout the year, so be ready to share Stoa with your friends, neighbors, pastors, and civic leaders. We would love to introduce them to ways they can support Stoa and work alongside us to achieve our mission.

Grateful for each of you,

Angela Childress, Your Stoa Executive Director


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