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Interp in a Box

The Speech Committee is excited to introduce our new wildcard event, Interp in a Box. Let's learn about this unique event.

  • This event uses props to emphasize the interpretation.

  • All props must fit in a lidded container no larger than 18x15x11".

  • All props must be in the box with the lid on it when the timer starts and before the timer stops.

  • Competitors may not use audio or electronic media in their speeches.

  • Like DI and HI, the time limit for this speech event is 10 minutes, and the number of added words is 150.

Interp in a Box offers excellent benefits. Choosing and making props fosters creativity and helps your piece come alive beyond what a theater of the mind alone can achieve. Props also help highlight themes.

We look forward to seeing your creativity and imagination in what props you select and how you use them! So whether you are aiming for the Founders Award or you are brand new to Interps, give it a try. Learn more about this event and read the rules and the ballot.


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