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Interps: Proof of Publication

Attention interpretive competitors!

Confirm that your source meets Stoa Publication Guidelines before cutting. All interpretive sources must be published. NITOC competitors must provide proof of publication in the form of a permanent number like an ISBN. The only exception is for Open Interpretations which may be entirely self-written. OI’s adapted from another person’s work must still have proof of publication.

Acceptable Sources:

  • Printed Sources: Have a copyright page that contains an ISBN or other ID numbers. Books printed prior to 1970 might lack an ID number. Check with the Speech Committee to confirm acceptability:

  • Online Sources: Tread carefully! Find a printed copy at the library or bookstore, or search for the source on Amazon. Try to “look inside” the book, locate the copyright page and take a screenshot showing the ID number.

Unacceptable Sources:

  • Blogs: From any source. Blogs are not permanent and lack an ID number.

  • Media Transcripts: These are scripts transcribed from a live or recorded performance (theater, movies, TV, YouTube). For example, you find the script from your favorite movie online, but it lacks a permanent ID number, and it is not published in a book. It’s a media transcript and an unacceptable Stoa interpretation source.

Look for that ID number!


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