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Keys to Successful Interps

Choose quality literature:

  • Content is key! Classical literature is a great choice. Look for stories worth telling.

  • Selections should be compelling, plot-base literature that appeals to a wide-ranging audience.

  • Be sure that your selection meets Stoa Publication Guidelines. All sources must be published with a permanent ID number, except self-written OI’s.

Understand the Genres:

  • Dramatic Interpretation: While dramatic elements are key, melodramatic or overly sad selections are not ideal. Portray a realistic, varied emotional journey. Kind of like the way real life is. Keyword: Journey.

  • Humorous Interpretation: The story should be conveyed humorously using plot, character development, and comedic timing. Characters should be relatable. Notice you did not see stand-up comedy or slapstick. Instead, become the story.·Keyword: Amusing.

  • Duo Interpretation: This interp may be either humorous or dramatic but still a relatable story with a focus on plot and character development. Keyword: Develop. Seriously, that’s what works best.

  • Open Interpretation: Think monologue, storytelling, character sketch, or even self-written! The skies are wide open in Open Interp. And it’s only six minutes, so it’s great for new interp competitors! Keyword: Open. Disclaimer: All non-self-written selections must meet Stoa Publication Guidelines.



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