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Meet the Alumni Committee!

Grassroots Servant Leadership: The Who, What, How of Stoa

Alumni Committee

The Stoa Alumni Committee (chaired by Denise Sprimont-Vasquez) is made up of Stoa Alumni who focus on walking alongside other alumni as they seek to live out their faith.

This committee prioritizes community, connection, and support, culminating in alumni sojourning through life together. More practically, the committee lives out those values through:

The Alumni Post is an opportunity to catch up on all things Stoa and for alumni to collectively pause for a moment and connect with each other and with our faith. 

The Sojourning Faithfully Webinar Series features an alumni panel from across the Stoa community to discuss relevant topics and issues Christ-following alumni face in today's cultural landscape. 

Stoa Alumni LinkedIn Connection Group provides professional networking across a wide variety of businesses and organizations for Stoa alumni to connect, collaborate, and develop valuable professional relationships.

Two alumni-hosted events at NITOC are a reunion on Wednesday night for all alumni and a “welcome” party for graduating seniors on Friday night. See you there!


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