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Meet the Prayer Team

Grassroots Servant Leadership: The Who, What, How of Stoa

The Stoa Prayer Team, chaired by Allisha Speed, comprises four members (parents and alums) committed to praying for Stoa. We want to assist our Stoa members in joining us as we pray for our Stoa leadership, families, and students. We have the privilege of serving the Stoa community in several ways. 

Prayer Groups: The Stoa Prayer Team offers four Prayer Groups to the Stoa community that meet on Zoom. Student Prayer Groups meet weekly under our two alum leaders. Samuel Durand leads the guys and Elizabeth Stapleton leads the gals. The Stoa Moms Prayer Group meets weekly on Mondays. It is co-led by Allisha Speed and Krista Harris. The Stoa Dads Prayer Group meets the first Sunday of the month and is led by Wayne Johnson. Please contact us if you want to join a prayer group. We also have a monthly Tournament Director email group to support and pray for our Stoa tournaments. 

NITOC Prayer Room: Each year at NITOC, the Stoa Prayer Team hosts a Prayer Room for students and parents. This is a place to have quiet time with the Lord and pray, read the Word, and pray with others. The Team provides several activities for students and scheduled times for groups to meet and pray over prayer requests. 

Stoa Academy: From leading prayer sessions to sharing helpful tools for clubs and tournaments, our mission is to help clubs and tournaments engage in prayer.

Prayer Themes: We know only some can join a prayer group. Because of this, we have provided a monthly Prayer Theme through the StoaByte so we can still pray together. It lists a character trait to pray for, scriptures, monthly tournaments, a Stoa committee, and five Stoa clubs and their leaders.


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