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NITOC Preparation

While perfecting speeches and writing briefs is important, remember that other areas need attention too.

Physical preparation:

  • Adjust your sleep schedule before arriving by setting your internal clock to the Central time zone before NITOC begins.

  • Drink plenty of water as Dallas is typically hot and humid in late May.

  • Make sure you have comfortable shoes for walking between buildings across the campus.

Mental preparation:

  • Manage your expectations and set reasonable goals, discussing them with your coach. Practical goals like focusing on impacting arguments, concentrating during prep time, and delivering speeches within the ideal time limit are things you can control and allow you to measure progress.

  • Keep in mind that the level of competition at NITOC is more challenging than at local tournaments.

  • Remember that integrity matters even more than the outcome of the tournament!

  • Prepare to win well and lose gracefully.

Spiritual preparation:

  • Pray! Pray during the preparation and throughout NITOC.

  • Identify areas where you are vulnerable to temptation and plan how to stand firm.

  • Choose a passage of Scripture to memorize and meditate on it throughout NITOC. Let scripture drive your actions!

  • Think about how to encourage and serve others during NITOC.

Your Training and Development Committee


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