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Summer Speech Ideas

Do speech competitors take a break over the summer? Of course not! The long hot days of summer provide a perfect opportunity for:

  • Poolside reading for the next great interpretive speech

  • Researching at your local library or online for a platform speech

  • Volunteering for a favorite cause and gaining personal experience for a convincing Persuasive speech

  • Watching NITOC Finals video recordings

  • Reviewing your NITOC ballots for ideas on how to improve your future speeches

  • Drilling with articulation exercises

  • Pondering ways to strengthen your Mars Hill speeches by understanding the struggles within each topic, focusing on a specific issue, identifying the topic’s inadequate solution, and then formulating a targeted biblical response to that issue

  • Reading apologetics books

  • Keeping up to date on the news for Extemp

Check next month's StoaByte for a summary of Apologetic and Mars Hill changes for the 2023-2024 season.

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