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Wildcard: IBox

This is the last year for Interp in a Box. Do not miss your chance to do an interp with props! As you prepare your speech, make sure you have thought through these points:

  • Interp in a Box is a plot-based interp event. Make sure you are including the different aspects of a well told story.

  • Interp in a Box is not show and tell. Creative interaction with your props is expected.

  • Do not forget that your box is a prop as well. How can you utilize it to enhance your story?

  • Double-check the size of your box. The box, including lids and handles, must be within the dimensions of 18”x15”x11”.

  • All props must be contained in the box with the lid on it when the timer starts and before the timer stops.

  • Anticipate prop malfunctions and have a plan.

  • Take time to learn the IBox Rules.

  • Watch the NITOC Finals Videos for great IBox examples and ideas.

Do not forget that this is a requirement for Founders--so start planning now! We are looking forward to seeing your creativity as you carefully select your props, use them in imaginative ways, and block them into your interp with expertise.


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