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Meet the Communications Committee

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Grassroots Servant Leadership: The Who, What, How of Stoa

Like the stoa walkway supports free discussion, grassroots servant leadership supports Stoa as an organization. Did you know that our Stoa national leadership consists of seven operational committees, two standing committees, and a volunteer Board? We also have a Stoa Administrator and Executive Director. Recently we have added a Prayer Team and a Yearbook task force. To lay the groundwork for what it means to be involved on a national level we will be sharing monthly highlights of how each committee provides member support and helps Stoa operate effectively.

This month, we focus on our Communications Committee, co-chaired by Ande Geer and JoAnn Pattara. This committee is our internal communications hub and upholds the goal of encouraging grassroots involvement and facilitating Stoa growth. You may be most familiar with this committee because it produces our monthly StoaByte which shares and archives ongoing and timely content to keep the Stoa community well-informed. It publishes in-depth analysis from the Speech and Debate Committees, upcoming events, as well as other Stoa-related topics and webinars to promote strong clubs. But did you know this committee creates and parses your favorite member surveys, edits Stoa materials, creates social media content and at NITOC, they organize the photo booth and provide committee connection opportunities by hosting the popular World of Stoa booth?

Do you have ideas for the StoaByte? Contact the Communications Committee!


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