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Meet the Venue Search Committee!

The Venue Search Committee diligently works to secure ideal locations for NITOC. This task begins two years in advance aiming to finalize contracts and announce the venue to Stoa members a full year ahead. With over 2000 attendees gathering for an entire week, NITOC leaves a lasting impression, necessitating careful consideration. Facilities must be spacious enough to accommodate: 

  • 120 competition rooms

  • Large administration areas

  • A sizable cafeteria

  • An appropriate venue for the awards ceremony

  • Additional meeting spaces

The venue staff provides extensive support from dawn until dusk throughout the event. Finding a venue with on-campus housing is always a priority request. Additionally, factors such as the location's region, support from local Stoa clubs, the potential availability of community judges, and proximity to major airports are taken into account. The consideration list is exhaustive. The rental cost of the venue is a significant factor. NITOC's funding relies on tournament fees which the Stoa Board of Directors goal to keep reasonable. 

With Stoa's membership steadily increasing, the anticipation is that NITOC will continue to expand. Thus, the Committee remains vigilant in scouting potential new venues that best fulfill Stoa’s evolving needs. Committee members include Shelley DeJager, Ben Hodge, and Sharon Nagatani. 


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